. PhD, Poultry nutrition, Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, Iran -

 .Educational Certificate of Modern feed production management from Netherlands -

- Internal Audit Certification (Iso 22000:2005 Food security) from URS England. 



work experience :

- From 2003-2006 working in Saleh Kashmar feed mill (animal & poultry and  Aquatic manufacturer).

- Scientific-Technical consultant of feed mills in Iran and some of neighbouring countries.

- Daneh Pak Khazar feed mill : 2013 until now.

- Dordaneh Razavi feed mill : 2015 until now.

- Zarin rosh golestan feed mill : 2014 until now.

- Sabzevar feed mill : 2012 until now.

- Kimia dan feed mill : 2006 until now

- Morvarid daneh feed mill: 2015 until now

- Solar soo alborz feed mill: 2016 until now

- Fazel gonabad feed mill : 2016 until now

Research Activities:


- Director responsible for Quarterly Journal of Feed Processing, the first and only the Journal of Feed Technology in Iran.


-The author of "Feed technology and processing handbook" and "Nutrition and management of broiler chickens in early ages" and " One hundred practical points in feedmills.


- The effect of dry or steam conditioning activated sodium bentonite on pellet quality indices relative electrical energy usage in broiler wheat-soy based diets. 2016, The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit of WPSA.


- The effect of steam or dry conditioning and sodium bentonite levels on pellet quality, performance and digestive tract development of growing broilers fed wheat-based diet. 2016, The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit of WPSA.


- Effect of yeast and Acidified whey powder on performance, Weight of organs, Intestinal microflora and morphology on male broiler chicks. Brazilian journal of poultry science.2017.


- Replacing the value of soybean meal with Rye meal with and without NSP enzymes on performance, carcase Characteristics and Thyroid hormone in broiler chicks.2006. International Journal of Poultry Science. 5(10): 932-937