Problem 1: Irregular wear


Reason : Bad distribution of the material

Solution :

- The die may have a too high thickness Changement of the die is required

- Improve the inclination of the deflectors


Reason : Use of not original roll shells of poor quality and/or workmanship

Solution :  Use original roll shells.



Problem 2: Remarkable wear at the ands of the roll shells


Reason : Corrugated opened roll shells, the product deviates sideways.

Solution :Use corrugated closed or drilled notch roll shells


Reason : Use of dies without counter holes in the the outside rows.

Solution : Use suitable die having counter holes in outside rows.




Problem 3: Too short life of the rolls


Reason :Lubrication carried out with incorrect.

Solution : Use grease according to the instructions


Reason : Poor lubrication

Solution : Grease frequency and quantity are to be carried out according to the instructions. Fill the rolls with grease after changing the roll shells.


Reason : Faulty seal system against dust.

Solution : Replace the faulty seal system