Problem 1: Variable meal temperature at exit of conditioner?


Solution :

• Check steam fittings prior to press, i.e. pressure reducing valves, traps, separators

• Ensure steam injection nozzles are not blocked.

• Conditioner not full enough – barrel type.

• Incorrect adjustment of steam controller .

Uneven flow of meal from pre press silo.


Problem 2: Cant get meal hot enough before choking die?


Solution :

• Check to ensure condensate is returning to boiler and not into the conditioner.

• Try increasing steam pressure into the conditioner.

• Use a lignin PPE from Borregaard.

• Conditioner not full enough – barrel type.Adjust paddles for greater retention.

Whole or part pellets in meal.



Problem 3: Can get meal hot enough but not sufficiently moist?


Solution :

• Reduce steam pressure. Note: pressure reducing valve must be approximately 20 ft (6 m) upstream of the conditioner and the connecting pipe must be of sufficient size to carry the volume of steam at low pressure

• If still more moisture is required due to very dry raw materials, water can be added at the blending mixer, but only

if absolutely necessary because water addition can cause wet spots which lead to rapid degradation of vitamins.

• If using a ripener investigate a means of injecting steam into meal before entering die (assuming bottom barrel

conditioner isn’t installed.)

• Conditioner not full enough – barrel type. Adjust paddles for greater meal retention.



Problem 4: Wide fluctuation in amps?


Solution :

• Observe meal flow into die (must be even). If erratic, does it correspond to feeder or conditioner speed (r.p.m.)?

• Check feeder controls.

• Check wear on paddles (if barrel conditioner).

• Check for wear on ploughs.

• Check for correct roller setting.

• Check die for blocked holes.

• Oversize fines returns can cause problems, as can insufficiently ground pelleted raw materials.

• Ensure raw materials and liquids added at the blending mixer have had sufficient mixing time.

• Separation of meal particles in conditioner – conditioner not full enough.

• One roll working more than the other(s).

• Check steam traps. Slugs of condensate can cause intermittent

roller slip and, sometimes, die blockage, as can wet steam.



Problem 5: Uneven pellet length?


Solution :

• Check knife setting.

• One roll working more than the other? Check ploughs or meal diverters.

• Check that all holes are working. Punch out if blocked

• Uneven die compression, i.e. badly worn holes working less than others.

• Whole grains or large meal particles in feed. Also broken or small pellets in fines returns.


Problem 6: Too much meal leaving die with pellets?


Solution :

• Worn die.

• Blunt or incorrectly positioned knives.

• Badly fitting or worn feed cone allowing meal to dribble through.

• Not enough compression in the die, allowing production rate to increase disproportionately with amps. Try "plugging" the die .

• Check grist spectrum .

• Excessive rate of feed.