Problem 1: "Hang up" in vertical cooler?



• This can be caused by very moist, heavily molassed or mealy pellets. Try to keep pellets constantly on the move

by adjusting exit feed gates. If too wet, try to get the pellets hotter leaving the press .



Problem 2: Pellets too warm and moist at cooler exit?



• If horizontal cooler, ensure that bed is completely covered to a depth recommended by manufacturer. Also control dwell time by adjusting speed. For vertical cooler, check all perforations are clear and air cannot by-pass the column of pellets, and that there is sufficient dwell time. Mealy pellets might also be the cause.



Problem 3: Pellets cool and dry outside, warm and moist inside?



• These pellets break down, usually in the customer’s bin! Usually caused by too much air or insufficient dwell time.