High quality feed production, in addition to the use of appropriate machinery and equipment, required use of compounds and products known as the supplement, pre mixing, or  additives. In the complementary animal feed plants and livestock feed additives , within certain processes It is available to the producers of feed , concentrates or consuming farme.


" The Technical Guide of Production and Principles of Quality Assurance Principles "  including of seven

chapters ,was explained the necessary points and standards in the production of complement and concentrate. The subject list of the book is:


1. Supplement industry in Iran and the world

2. Basic materials used in the supplement industry

3. Building specifications,machinery and working conditions in the complementary factories .

 4. Staff

5. Testes and Documentation

6 Quality Management Systems in factories

7. Attachmentes



Majid Mohtasebi, seyed abdol hossein jalali, Mohsen Mahdavi Nejad, Kamran Rezayazdi, Jalal Montazeri, Aghdas Safari. Amir Azad, Aminhossein khalaji, Naser Ali, Roghayeh Sedighi Moghgadam, Mohamad Habibi, Amir Attar, Hassanali Zandi and abbasali Asadian.