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The distribsion of particle sizedirectly affects on pellet production line performance. In processing animal pellet feed, it is necessary to provide a platform with respect to the type of feed . the size of the grinding particles must be standard range. The remaining particle size in the standard range is very important for quality and economic production.



The benefits of reducing the particle size can also be referred to as :

1. Increase in the ability to digest feed

 2. Improving the ability of link between feed components

 3. Improve the efficiency of the mix of edible components in combination



Impact of particle size on animal's preformance :

 In relation to the effect of the size of the feed on the bird 's performance , the uniformity of the grinded ingredient is also effective as well as the size of the particle forms .

The poultry can be tested by mechanical receivers at their beak , and  recognise differences in particle size of feed . The choice of larger particles for  broilers is at all ages and increases with age . Research results showed in the mash rations based on corn - soy , dietes which had same average particle size , increased weight and conversion coefficient in broilers .


Particle size analysis:

Determining the size of the feed items and maintaining it at the standard range to produce high - quality pellet feed is an important issue. The following items are presented as comprehensive reports by sending the grinding ingredient to our company:

  • particle size analysis
  • evaluation of the particles size and their uniformity .
  • interpret a report as a whole diagram
  •  Prediction of the mill 's performance process
  • Provide expert suggestions for better mill efficiency


2- Pellet Durability Index and Pellet Hardness :

The pellet durability index shows the strength of pellet feeds versus  crushing and wearing at the transmission time

The  pellet hardness index  is the pellet resistance against the pressure and the forces acting . In order to preserve the quality of the  products produced and to increase the satisfaction of their customers , the feed manufacturers need to continuously monitor their customers in terms of the level of physical quality.


There is a direct connection between the size of the feed particles ( mash) and the  pellet durability index ( PDI ) . In the unit volume , the smaller particles are compared They make more contact with larger particles of contact . This causes a better  penetrate of moisture and heat into the particles and increase of starch dosage and material cooking level , adhesion between the particles increases and improves the strength and stability index of the platform .


The following is presented your sample of pellet to Khorak pardaz hezareh novin Company :

- Conduct physical quality tests (durability index and hardness )

- evalution of the causes and factors contributing to the product 's final product quality

- presents practical solutions to improve the manufacturing process