1- Sci-tech consultation to poultry, livestock and aquaculture feed manufacturers.

2- Consultation in designing and locating of production line machinery with a technical and nutritional view.

3- Advising for optimizing feed cooking process and feed appearance.

4- Complete feed formulation by foreseeing physical shape of feed topics and reactions done during feed cooking.

5- Doing experiments on feed physical analysis and analysis of troubleshooting and physical improvement of feed and efficiency of feed in feed production factories.

6- Doing mixer test and analysis of results got from tests and offering recommendations for mixing process improvement.

7- Sending feed manufacturers a sci-tech technical bulletin.

8- Sending feed manufacturers a sci-tech messages.

9- Sending feed manufacturers publication of "feed processing science" as a quarterly.

10- Holding training courses of feed technology.

11- Implementation of sci-tech in partnership with valid universities of the country with a focus on feed technology topic.

12- Formulating of special formula for factories concentrate and feed supplements.