Mixer test

The objective of the mixing process is to produce feed in which nutrients and medication are uniformly distributed. Well-mixed feed enhances animal performance and is an essential

Step in complying with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing   ractices regulations.

A satisfactory mixing process produces a uniform feed in a minimum time with a minimum cost of overhead, power, and labor. Some variation between samples should be expected, but an ideal mixture would be one with minimal variation in composition. Measuring the variation in finished feed is the mixer testing.


The mixer test is performed using the most accurate and accurate method adopted in the world by the Khorak pardaz hezereh novin scientific group for the first time in Iran. After testing , the mixer performance was evaluated and the procedure for improving the mixer efficiency was proposed.


After receiving a mixer's samples  to the Khorak pardaz hezareh novin , the report follows :

 - analysis and the estimation of the mixer efficiency

- Providing solutions to improve the mix efficiency