Introduction of company

Stable agriculture is based on science and technology, which is one of the necessities each country need to survive.  Because food supply and food safety is the survival priority of human societies.

With increasing growth of the earth’s population, shortage of soil and water for agriculture and husbandry, improving in efficiency of agricultural products producing, has been important more than before.

Husbandry industry is also as one of major branches in agriculture and hence 65 to 75% of production cost in poultry and livestock rearing farms is "feed cost", producing efficient and economical feed with the aim of ideal production of animal protein will have a high importance.

Therefore, nutrition science and feed processing knowledge, have the most importance and role, so that using various methods of processing and new technology, both in ingredient and complete feed can cause an increase in nutritional value of feed that will led to higher feed efficiency in poultry and livestock and aquaculture nutrition at last.

The importance of this subject and spam of objects related to feed processing technology is extend to the extent that is known as an independent part of nutrition and in the name of feed technology science.

According to these points of view and with backing to more than a decade of scientific and experimental experience of managers in the area of feed technology, Khorak Pardaz Hezare Novin Co. has been established in 2008 with the aim of its professional duty in the event of serve the poultry and livestock and aquaculture feed industries.

Modification and improvement in production structure in factories from different aspects containing equipment and machinery, consulting in designing and layout of production lines, control of production process, … according to technical and nutritional points of view.


With due attention to the span of Khorak Pardaz Hezare Novin activities these mentioned are based on 2 main bases:

A: Science-research section: contains all services in feed technology, studies and researches and presentation of results in poultry, livestock and aquaculture industry of the country.


B: Section of production: according to the latest scientific findings of research section of company and also feed industry needs assessment of poultry, livestock, aquaculture feed industries of the country, special products in this context are placed on the agenda.


Khorak Pardaz Hezare Novin Co. is resolute and firm in pursuit of goals and hopes that steps though small but effective and efficient, with the help of beneficent God, effort and diligence intelligently, and protection of the industry on the way of progressing our dear territory.

Hoping that day….