Personal Profile:
Full name: Amir Attar
Head Office: No. 45, Sadra trade center, Asian highway, Mashhad, Iran.


Sep 2011- Present PhD, Poultry nutrition, Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, Iran.
Sep 2002- Aug 2005 M. Sc. Poultry nutrition, Mazandaran University, Iran.
Sep 1998- Aug 2002 B. Sc. Animal Science, Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, Iran.

Qualifications and Work Experience:

 The Ph.D of Poultry Nutrition of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran.
 The title of PhD thesis is " The effect of steam or dry conditioning and processed sodium bentonite levels on pellet quality, performance, nutrition digestibility and digestive tract development of broilers fed corn-soy based diet in growing and finisher periods".
 From 2003-2006 working in a feed mill company.
 From 2003 to early 2016, working in Supplement and Premix manufacturer company.
Scientific-Technical consultant of feed mills in Iran and neighboring countries. Some of these feed mills including:
1. Ghaem feed mill Co. Mashhad, Iran.
2. Kosari feed mill Co. Sabzevar, Iran.
3. Sepid daneh feed mill Co. Sabzevar, Iran.
4. Zarrin daneh feed mill Co. Gonbad, Iran.
5. Salamat daneh feed mill Co. Gorgan, Iran.
6. Morghe behesht feed mill Co. Sari, Iran.
7. Sajjad Sarayan feed mill Co. Ferdows, Iran.
8. Moteshakele Gonabad feed mill Co. Gonabad, Iran.
9. And ...
 The CEO of Khorak Pardaz Company (New Millennium Feed Processing CO.), the company that offers consults to feed mills.
 Established the "", the only feed technology website in Iran.
 The editor of the Quarterly Journal of Feed Processing, the first and only the Journal of Feed Technology in Iran.
 The author of "Feed technology and processing handbook" and "Nutrition and management of broiler chickens in early ages".
 The published articles is:
1. Study the effect of different levels of fat and L-carnitine on performance, cascass characteristics and serum composition of broiler chicks. 2007, Pakistan Jjournal of Biological Science. 10(12): 1970-1976.
2. Effect of prebiotic in low protein diet on some blood parameters and intestinal microbiota of broiler chicks. 2008, Italian Journal of Animal Science. 7: 313-319.
3. Effect of Fermacto prebiotic on performance, carcass characteristics and some blood parameters in partridge. 2010, The 4th Animal Science Congress of Iran, Tehran university.
4. The effect of steam or dry conditioning and sodium bentonite levels on pellet quality, performance and digestive tract development of growing broilers fed corn-based diet. 2016, The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit of WPSA.
5. The effect of dry or steam conditioning activated sodium bentonite on pellet quality indices relative electrical energy usage in broiler wheat-soy based diets. 2016, The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit of WPSA.
6. Effects of acidified yeast and whey powder on performance, organ weights, intestinal microflora, and gut morphology of male broiler. 2017. Brazilian journal of poultry science.
7. Effects of conditioning and sodium bentonite on performance, relative weight of different organs and blood parameters of chickens in grower period. Journal of Animal Production. University of Tehran. 2017.
8. Effects of conditioning time and sodium bentonite on pellet quality, grower performance, intestinal morphology and nutrient retention in finisher broilers. British Poultry Science Journal. 2017