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New Chicken Immune Cell Increases Susceptibility to Marek’s Disease

UK - Scientists at The Pirbright Institute have identified a new type of immune cell in chickens that is involved in the development of Marek’s disease.Marek’s disease virus (MDV) is highly contagious and causes a deadly cancer of the lymph nodes (lymphoma) and immunosuppression in poultry. The virus’s ability to supress immune responses of birds is one of the reasons MDV is such a major threat to the poultry industry, as it prevents recovery and makes birds susceptible to secondary infections. In their most recent study published in PLOS Pathogens, researchers from the Avian Immunology group demonstrated an association between the number of the new immune cells, known as suppressor lymphocytes, and susceptibility to lymphoma formation. Their findings also show that infection with Marek’s disease virus increases the number of suppressor lymphocytes, which are able to suppress the chicken immune response. Dr Shahriar Behboudi, Head of the Avian Immunology group at Pirbright, said: "Some viruses exploit host immune cells for their own purpose to evade normal host defences. We found that MDV can modulate immune responses by activating suppressor lymphocytes, contributing to immunosuppression and lymphoma formation." The scientists also noted that lymphoma cells have similar characteristics to suppressor lymphocytes, meaning they too can suppress immune responses. Combined, these findings identify new pathways that are involved in the development of the disease, which can help identify chicken lines that are more resistant to MDV. Losses relating to MDV are estimated to be up to $2 billion worldwide. Nearly 22 billion vaccine doses a year are used in an attempt to control the disease, but the virus continues to evolve and form increasingly virulent strains. Understanding how MDV causes immunosuppression is therefore a vital area of research that Pirbright scientists are working on.

Reference: The Poultry Site

Nuscience feed technology enters Canadian market under Biotica brand

launch of Biotica introduces Nuscience feed technology across Canadian poultry, swine and ruminant sectors, offering producers and industry fresh solutions to employ as part of strategies aligned with optimising production and meeting new marketplace requirements and demands.“The opportunity for livestock industries to benefit from new science-driven, feed ingredient-based solutions is rapidly advancing,” says Rob Patterson, technical director of CBS Inc. “Nuscience technology stands at the leading edge globally. We are pleased to partner with Nuscience to offer Biotica across Canada as part of our CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms.” The future is now Biotica is a functional feed additive. It is available in tailored formulations for different types of poultry, as well as for swine and ruminants, with versatility to support a broad range of production systems and market opportunities. Biotica fits well with advanced strategies designed to support health, well-being and overall performance of animals, including those raised under strict judicious use principles regarding the use of antibiotics. “In the global animal feed industry, the future is now,” says Rob Goedegebuure, Global Lead, Health4U Feed Additives, Nuscience. “The Canadian market is among those embracing change and innovation. We are pleased through our partnership with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. to provide our most advanced feed technology to this increasingly progressive market.” The Nuscience technology featured in Biotica has become a market leader globally with a proven decade-plus track record among feed formulations designed to optimise animal and production benefits without the inclusion of antibiotic growth promoters. Production systems in Canada have become increasingly focused on judicious use principles and veterinary oversight. Canada has set December 2018 as the deadline for moving all use of antibiotics to prescription only. New world of feed technology Nuscience approaches the animal feed industry with two focused business units, Nutrition4U and Health4U. Nutrition4U by Nuscience is a range of young animal nutrition concepts, customised premixes and performing concentrates. Health4U by Nuscience, which includes the technology featured in Biotica, offers innovative additives and functional feed ingredients. Royal Agrifirm Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a leading agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries in 16 countries within Europe, South America and Asia and a worldwide distribution network. It is focused on delivering measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry.

Reference: The poultry site

O&T Farms announces organic feed ingredient

The North American organic market continues to lead the value-added functional food segment. Organic sales in the United States were worth $47 billion in 2016, and organic food sales represent more than 5 percent of total retail sales. In Canada, over 55 percent of consumers purchase organic products on a weekly basisWith its new Certified Organic linPRO animal feed ingredient, O&T Farms is helping its customers along with the entire market to support this growing segment. O&T Farms is a proven leader in the Omega-3 animal feed ingredient market, using its patented dry-extrusion process in the manufacture of linPRO to help support the production of Omega-3 enriched eggs and chicken. LinPRO (organic) now provides the same nutritional benefits of enhanced digestibility and energy availability, only now using verified organic ingredients. “We always strive to be responsive to changing markets, such as the incredible growth in organics, and develop products that allow our customers to be as versatile and serve as many markets as possible,” says Elan Ange, CEO at O&T Farms. “The organic certification of linPRO means our flaxseed-based product can offer animal health and production benefits to a wider range of livestock producers. LinPRO (organic) opens the door for the production of Omega-3 enriched organic alternatives for consumer food products.” LinPRO (organic) is certified through International Certification Services Inc. under the National Organic Program (NOP) in accordance to USDA Agricultural Marketing Services and the Canadian Organic Regime (COR). The linPRO brand offers high-energy, flaxseed-based feed products with high levels of fatty acids and amino acids. The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed have been associated with many animal and human health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to provide immunological benefits and potential production benefits to livestock, as well as human benefits that include improving brain and eye health and lowering the risk of heart disease, depression, dementia and arthritis. Additionally, feeding linPRO-branded products to livestock is a natural way to improve the nutritional value of the end product (i.e. milk, eggs and animal protein) and therefore offer healthier alternatives to consumers.

Reference: The Poultry Site

Cargill opens animal nutrition premix plant in the Philippines

To meet increasing demand from medium and large livestock farms and feed millers in the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries, Cargill has opened its first animal nutrition premix plant in the PhilippinesCargill invested US$12 million to open the plant, where 50 local employees will produce animal nutrition premix solutions, made available to customers under the Provimi brand. The plant is located in First Bulacan Industrial Park in Malolos, Bulacan. “The Philippines and Southeast Asian countries are seeing increased consumer demand for meat products, especially pork and chicken. This is great news for the growth potential of local livestock farms and feed millers,” said Noel Kim, general manager of Cargill Provimi, Philippines. “At our premix plant, Cargill can now manufacture the animal nutrition products these producers need to sustainably deliver high-quality, safe, affordable meat to consumers.” Malolos City Mayor Christian Natividad praised Cargill’s presence in the area as a boon for the local community. “The City of Malolos is appreciative of Cargill’s presence, a big boost to our cities’ economic and employment opportunities. We hope to reciprocate by providing all the needed assistance and better business ambience to make Cargill’s project a success,” Natividad said. Chuck Warta, president, Cargill Premix and Nutrition said: “Cargill is committed to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. With the population and income growth driving demand for animal protein in the region, Cargill knows how important it is to invest here, supporting local farmers and creating additional job opportunities as a result of our growth.” For his part, Ralph Bean, agricultural counselor at USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, commended the investment. He said: “This plant is one of Cargill’s, and one of US Agriculture’s many investments in Philippine Agriculture, and it heralds a strong partnership and a bright future for all going forward. The plant will provide products that will enable Philippine farmers to ensure greater productivity, reliability, and quality in the end products that go onto Philippine dinner tables.” The premix plant is one of two important plant openings for Cargill in the Philippines this week, as the company also announced the opening of a poultry processing facility, which is a joint venture with Jollibee in Batangas. The two plants strengthen the company’s presence in Asia Pacific, where Cargill employs 54,000 employees across 16 countries.

Reference: Cargill

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